Friday 19 December 2003

Christmas In Canada

This is my last blog entry for the year. I'm flying to Canada today and won't be back until January 11th. Don't expect a travelogue as we're just visiting friends and family in Victoria and Vancouver and maybe doing a bit of skiing. It shouldn't be too much of an adventure.


I often get a bit melancholy as the year passes away and a new one starts. You only live once and I hear the life-o-meter clicking over. Certainly, 2003 was a watershed year for us. Since I left Microsoft and took a sabbatical, Jenny and I have had plenty of discussions about what we really want to do with our lives. We still haven't reached many conclusions but we know there's lots of experiences waiting for us to try and changes to come. I expect 2004 will be pretty packed year for us. Stay tuned.


I would like to wish you all Season's Greetings and an exciting and eventful path in the New Year! May you live your dreams.

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