Saturday 29 May 2004

Lottery Fantasies

Last weekend while lounging around in a park, I challenged the kids to find a four leaf clover. To raise their motivation, I told them I'd buy a lottery ticket if they found one. We've talked about lottery tickets before and they know it's easier to get hit by lightning than win a big lottery. But it's a game to play and they know it offers an incredibly slim chance they could get a dog since we would probably move into a bigger house.

Lo and behold, K* found a five leaf clover! I kept my promise and bought tickets for this Saturday's draw which happens to be the first ever triple rollover of the Lotto with a top prize of at least £21.5 million!

When you buy a lottery ticket, what you're really buying is the right to legitimately fantasize for a short while before the actual draw. You should sit back and really think about what you would do with that kind of a prize. Envision what your ideal lifestyle would be given no financial constraints or risk. It's healthy and time boxed. Once you know you've lost, you should then think about how you might get closer to that lifestyle on your own steam.

Excuse me now as I only have several more hours to spend £21 million and all I've got so far is a big house and a dog. I guess I could avoid looking at the winning numbers for another day or two just to get my money's worth!

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