Monday 8 November 2004

Back To The Cold

After two weeks enveloped in heat, we're back to soggy, cold, grey England. It seriously had me contemplating emmigration to Australia. According to a newspaper article I read on the flight back, it's the #1 emmigration choice with 50,000 Brits upping sticks and moving there each year.

Of course, we love Vancouver/Victoria but it's soggy, cold and grey there too. America is full of insular, paranoid Americans who vote for idiotic politicians so I don't want to go there. Of the English speaking world, that leaves Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. New Zealand is a bit too rural for me and South Africa is still on the dangerous side. So to live in a warm country, it's either move to Australia or learn another language.

Anyway, we're quickly slipping back into our regular daily routine and we'll soon forget the sun exists. We had a great trip to Egypt and I've got lots to tell but you'll have to wait for the travelogue. Coming soon!

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