Monday 29 November 2004

Super Size Me (Morgan Spurlock, 2004)

Finally got around to seeing Super Size Me (a film of epic portions). It's a low budget video documentary about obesity in America and one of its sources - fast food corporations. In particular, Morgan Spurlock (writer, director, producer, actor, blogger), takes it upon himself to eat solely at McDonalds for one month and document it's effects.

It's an entertaining and fun watch. Rated 92% on Rotten Tomatoes so that's not just my opinion. Mildly horrifying as he elaborates on the scope of the problem but it's no big surprise. Very interesting that McDonalds dropped their Super Size options two months after this movie was released.

My kids would love to go to McDonalds but they know they can't get me to step foot inside of one. It's out of the question. Not a chance. And I would prefer no one else take them there either. McDonalds is as evil as a tobacco company. Have a read at McSpotlight and the McLibel trial. The best thing I can say about McDonalds is that they provide the world with clean toilets.

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