Thursday 17 February 2005

Kyoto Protocol

You probably noticed that the Kyoto Protocol came into effect yesterday. Overall, I'm pretty pessimistic that human-kind can get their act together to avert disasterous climate change. It's going to be a matter of too little, too late. Nevertheless, it's great news that we have the Kyoto Protocol even though it doesn't go far enough and the US has shamefully refused to participate. It's great news not because it will be effective but because it's the only global forum, process and framework around for a co-ordinated effort to address climate change. My hope is that version two will be effective.

My prediction is that it will take some major environmental damage to occur before there is enough political will to create effective solutions and we can get past this ridiculous notion of fixing the problem without impacting economies. I think the big questions will be how much damage will be done by then and will it be fixable?

For some interesting photo's of climate change, check out World View Of Global Warming.

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