Tuesday 1 March 2005

Be My Gym Buddy

As previously posted, I started going to the gym several weeks ago. In a minor fit of madness, I committed to a gym membership just before my ski trip. They had a special promotion where you buy a three month membership and they give you four months with no joining fee (this is just at the local community centre). So, for this membership to be more cost effective than going on a pay-as-you-go casual basis, I have to make it the the gym 18 times by the end of May.

So, dear reader, you can be my gym buddy and keep me on the straight and narrow. Since coming back from the ski trip, I been to the gym 4 times. I'm trying hard to go to the gym at least twice a week. I generally try to go every third day and I know I should try to go three times a week but I'm not that committed yet.

So, this month, my commitment is to go to the gym 8 times. I'll try to post feedback each time I go.

My routine is quite basic. I stretch first and then do a cardiovascular routine that has to last for at least 30 minutes. I gradually want to up it to 45 minutes but it's currently about 35 minutes. I use the running machine, rowing machine and elliptical cross trainer primarily. I might use the stepper. I don't care for bike machines. I then follow this with around 40 minutes of circuit training. This month I'm concentrating on upper body. I then finish off doing some crunches. If I've got time, I do some stretches while sweating in the sauna. Overall, a visit to the gym takes about two hours.


  1. Went on the 8th and Jenny came along (to go for a swim). It's the second time ever she's ever come to the gym with me.

  2. Also went on the 11th and the 15th

  3. I was naughty and skipped my regular gym session at the end of last week in order to prepare for a track day. However, I went today - the 21st.

  4. The weather is getting better. Instead of going to the gym, I ran around the park on Saturday (26th) and used our own cross-trainer machine to get in my 30 minutes of cardio.

  5. Went to the gym on the 30th. Hmmm, ok, gotta do better next month.