Monday 25 April 2005

Two Years Off

Today marks two years since my last day of employment. It doesn't feel like two years. Time still rushes by even when one isn't caught up in a career.

I sometimes feel a little guilty that I haven't accomplished a whole lot in two years. Then I remind myself that the whole make-something-of-yourself, self-improvement, get-ahead, consume-more mindset is an ingrained product of middle class rat race culture. My subscription to that has pretty much run out. How should one measure self-worth? 

I haven't been inspired to take a dramatic leap into a new career. I was half hoping something inspirational would just happen. Nope! I plan to stick with computers as a way of eventually earning an income again. In fact, I finally wrote up my CV and applied for a short IT contract with the idea of dipping my toe into contracting work. No one called back. Oh well, with Jenny now back at school full-time, I'm in no hurry.

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