Wednesday 14 May 2003


We just got back from an evening of salsa lessons followed by a dance. It was pretty good. The teachers happen to be all black and dance really well. The instruction is very rapid; we learned six steps (New York basic, Cuban basic, Mambo, Opening Out, New Yorker, Side to Side) and combined them all in an hour. About fifty people were there divided into about four groups of different levels. During the lesson, you switch partners frequently. Women outnumber men so to encourage men to come, their first lesson is free. And to top it off, there's a bar :-)

Here's a salsa website that gives you online animation.

Back in Canada, Jenny and I used to do ballroom dancing but we've done almost nothing for the last nine years. We hope to get back into some kind of dancing; much more fun than going to a gym and salsa is definitely a good workout. There's also quite a lot of salsa clubs about so there's more opportunity to dance it than ballroom.

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