Friday 30 May 2003

Titanic Exhibition

I took R* to the science museum today (it's the half-term break) and we wandered through the Titanic Exhibition. Upon entry you're given a mock boarding pass but with the names of two real people who were on the Titanic. We had Miss Jessie Wills Leitch and Mr. Samuel Abelson. At the end of the exhibit you find out their fate. The exhibition is subtitled "real objects real people". On display are a few hundred objects retrieved from the Titanic - part of the hull, window frame, tools, bench, crockery, top hat, currency, jewellery and even a bottle of champagne and a bottle of olives still intact. All kinds of things. And on the walls are the stories of the many people that were on the Titanic. It's hard not to feel moved by it. Very sad. Not sure about the impression it left on R*. It turns out the people whose boarding passes we had actually survived - one of 700 lucky ones while 1500 didn't.

After the exhibit we went into the IMAX theatre and watched a 3D movie (yep, we had glasses on!) of one of the expeditions to the Titanic by non other than James Cameron. As you can imagine, extremely impressive on such a huge screen. R* got "spooked out" but sat through the whole thing. Even more moving than the exhibit.

We had a really great day together. Went to Chinatown for dinner and caught a late train home. It was great just slowing down, chatting and bumming around with my daughter.


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