Monday 12 January 2004

We're Back!

So this morning I was reaping the benefits of jet lag by building a Lego speedboat with my four year old son at five o'clock in the morning! It's gonna be a long day. Nevertheless, it's always nice to get home, empty the suitcase, sleep in one's own bed and be surrounded with all your own stuff. Ahhhhh!

We had a great trip to Victoria and Vancouver catching up with lots of family and friends we have there. It made for quite a hectic schedule and three weeks wasn't quite long enough. We managed to get a couple of days skiing at Whistler so I'll try and put a short travelogue together describing that. I also splurged buying 22 new CD's from A&B Sound (one of my most favourite places) so I'll review some of those over the next couple of months.

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