Sunday 22 August 2004

Darwin Centre Live

At the request of the kids, I took them last Thursday to the Natural History Museum in London. Jenny stayed at home to catch up on things. Since it was their day, I left it to them to figure out the building map and lead us around the museum.

We stumbled upon the Darwin Centre which is housed in a new building and connected to the rest of the museum. There was a scientist explaining how fish swim quickly including a close examination of shark skin. He had specimens with him projected onto three video screens and live link to a room below where another scientist could display specimens they had. Quizzing him was a show host and of course, the audience could ask questions. It was very well done. This is part of the Darwin Centre Live programme and is well worth attending. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go on a tour of the world class specimen collection.

I also learned you can go visit Charles Darwin's house - Down House - and it's not far away.

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