Thursday 12 August 2004

Motorcycle Lesson #2

I'm now back onto my motorcycle lessons. Had my first two lessons this week after passing my CBT last month. Each lessons consists of a quick warm up on a private circuit and then onto the public roads wired up with a radio so you can hear directions from the instructor.

The first lesson was a private lesson. It was raining and I felt a bit tense but didn't feel I did too badly until at the end of the lesson the instructor told me I was too erratic and unpredictable and an accident waiting to happen. Gulp. I used the brake too much and didn't position myself early enough to avoid potential hazards.

During the lesson I got a massive headache from a badly fitting helmet so afterwards I did some quick research on the Internet and then went helmet shopping. I eventually bought an Arai SV at Hein Gericke in Slough. Arai seems to have a very good reputation and this is their entry level helmet. It certainly is much more comfortable.

The next day was my second lesson but this time in a group with two other riders and a different instructor. He thought the ride went well except I was too tense and missed some of my shoulder checks. However, the road was wet and I slipped the bike twice. Once by going over a metal drain cover on a bend and second by turning and braking at the same time (dumb, I know) when trying to make an earlier than expected turn. Really, I do intend to only be a fair weather rider but the British "summer" weather isn't co-operating!


  1. Ian. why do you need lessons? all you have to do is get on the bike, put it into neutral to begin with and then let it out and then start shifting. Listen to the motor it will tell you when to shift gears. when you gain some confidence you should try moto-cross it's a total rush.

  2. Ummm. Because I need a motorcycle license to ride on a public road in the UK. And to do get that I need to pass a motorcylce test and to pass that, I need to ride perfectly in traffic since the average pass rate is only 58%.

    But I agree with riding moto-cross - that would be fun. Very difficult in this country since there's no where to do it (maybe Wales or somewhere up north). In the US and Canada, it's so easy.

  3. riding a motorcycle is easy and fun