Friday 27 August 2004

Olympics 2004

We've been watching quite a bit of the Olympics. In fact, I gave the kids pretty much free rein to turn on the TV and watch as much as the Olympics as they want! They've been watching mornings, afternoons and evenings. I figure it's about the only chance they get to see such a huge array of sports performed by world class atheletes. And as a bonus they get to learn the names and flags of various countries.

I also hoped it would inspire some interest in a particular sport. R* enjoyed watching the Judo and showing off her knowledge of the sport. She was quite intrigued by gymnastics and expressed an interest in trying it. K* liked the boxing. No, I don't think I want him to try that yet!

Naturally, the kids love to choose sides in any contest which leads to debates about who to support. Personally, I support Canada, Malaysia, Britain or the poorest country competing. The BBC only really shows the British atheletes and don't tell you much about the atheletes of other countries and their stories. It's a shame really.

I think it's great to see China doing so well. Of course, they're building up to hosting the Olympics in 2008 and proving themselves to the world. Obviously Beijing takes sport seriously. But where is India? Such a vast country is so poorly represented. And why is the South African team almost all white? And why are there so few women from Middle Eastern countries? The Olympics isn't free from politics or economics. It makes it all the more remarkable whenever someone from a poorer country wins a medal as they've had that much more to overcome.

While it's nice to sit and watch this on the TV, you should also know there's a dark side to the Olympics.


  1. I think"has been"athletes need to hang up their running shoes long before enduring the embarrassment of not being able to finish TWO Olympic finals and give someone younger the opportunity........

    yes that's right Paula Radcliff!!.

    Never mind about the bloody tears!,she knew it was going to be rather warm in Athens in August for heavens sake!!.

  2. u dont no wat u r on about! cause u r such an athlete ureself! arnt u! u no it fookin all! id like see you go and fookin run a marathon in august in Athens u fool!