Sunday 23 January 2005

The Corporation (Marck Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, 2003)

I've been waiting for an opportunity to see The Corporation for months and finally managed to catch it at a local independent cinema. Overall, it was very good. Not as slick a production as the other documentaries I've been watching lately but I was very interested in the topic.

It covers the rise of corporations in society and how they eventually got the legal status of a "person". It then investigates what kind of a "person" a corporation is and concludes that it's psychopathetic based on numerous anecdotes. The anecdotes can be very gripping but I find anecdotes are a weak way to prove anything. They're emotive and make it clear there's a problem but do little else. Few solutions are considered. It a nice touch that the view points of some right-wing thinktanks are aired to offer some balance. Despite the gloomy nature of the film, it does have an upbeat ending.

As it is, it's a long movie and the topic is massive. It would be great to expand it into a series of documentaries broadcast on TV. However, if you're really interested, a much better analysis can be found in the book "The Divine Right Of Capital" which takes aim at the roots of the problem.

This is a Canadian production and Jennifer Abbott even lives on Galiano Island. Nice to see a local film make it big.

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