Tuesday 10 May 2005

Brookleas Trout Farm

Trout FishingA couple of weeks ago, I took the kids trout fishing at the Brookleas Trout Farm over near Wantage. You can hire a rod and tackle for £2.50 and then pay for whatever you catch. No casting needed. Only took about forty minutes to catch four good-sized trout. R* caught two and K* caught two. For bait we just used sweet corn - no wriggling worms! R* didn't like watching me kill the fish with three whacks to the head. I honestly felt a bit bad doing it too and was on the verge of saying prayers to the Great Trout Spirit.

Part of the deal was the kids were now obliged to eat what they had caught. Unfortunately, the fish tasted a bit "muddy". I guess that's what happens when they're raised in a muddy pond. "You are what you swim in".

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