Wednesday 11 May 2005

Miracle Jesus Face In Cake

Notch up another bizarre item on ebay. Read the questions and answers too. I've now got a great idea for Jenny's future career...


  1. Just found u thru trying to find "FreeCycle Wantage", guess THAT doesnt exsist but it's good to read about like minded folk! Hope u don't mind me joining in; my 3 yr old son just did a cool, unexplained but entertaining concert for me too recently! Kids rock! My friend moved to Wantage from Edinburgh last year; gotta get her back being a bit hippy. that's why i'm trying to find close "FreeCycle" for her.

    Good to find ur "blog". Only found out what a "blog" was last week"!!

    Cheers, Nicky

  2. Thanks for dropping by Nicky. Looks like the best freecycle group would be in Oxford although there is a tiny one in Swindon. Guess she'll have to start her own! The South East just doesn't have enough hippy inclined people.