Tuesday 25 March 2003

I Resign

I wrote and submitted my resignation letter today. Phew. Quite difficult really. Logically, I have lots of reasons why it's time to move on but I feel sad to leave. It's a good company filled with lots of interesting people and plenty of opportunity. It's a comfortable known.

I think one of the most underestimated aspects of work life is the community and social interactions. Work not only gives you an identity but it makes you part of a community. And if you think about it, you probably spend more time in that community than with your own family. That's why I don't think telecommuting is a good idea or works that well.

So I am concerned about what will be my community after leaving Microsoft. It wouldn't be healthy to be reclusive but most of my friends either work for Microsoft or live in Canada - two places I've left. So I'm pretty conscious about what my community will be and how like-minded members of that community might be. Microsoft is full of geeks like me and it won't be easy to find such a concentration :-)

Candidates so far center around either music, academia or charities. I guess there's cyber-communities but electronic media is feeble and no match compared to face-to-face interactions. We'll see.

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