Sunday 30 March 2003

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday today. My wife got to lie in bed, lots of teas, cards and dinner made for her. We went to the open house at the Berkshire Agriculture College. The weather has been fantastic for over a week so it felt like early summer. Daffodils are everywhere. The open house is like a country fair with animals, farmers market, tractor rides, horse riding etc. The best part for me is seeing all the new born lambs, some only hours old. While there, we joined the local Wildlife Trust. Seems like a worthwhile cause with talks for adults, events for children and I can even see myself doing some volunteer work with them. We also enjoyed petting some owls and I picked up brochures for the Thames Valley Falconry Centre. Very cool - they offer a one day course introducing you to falconry and you can participate in taking falcons out hunting in the evening. I'd like to try that.

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