Sunday 30 March 2003

The Vitality Show

My wife went to The Vitality Show in London on Friday and brought back a whole bunch of brochures. The subheading is "Come and be part of The Spiritual Journey experience: celebrate exciting new visionary ideas and wisdoms of ancient healing practices".

I try to keep an open mind about this stuff. It's much more common back in Vancouver compared to England and I do think some of it can be beneficial. But I have a very rational scientific background and a lot of it just lights up my "flake-o-meter". At any rate, it does have entertainment value.

We now have a subscription to Kindred Spirit - "The UK's Leading Guide for Mind, Body & Spirit" and I can enjoy the fascinating variety of little ads in the back of it. Psychic readings over the phone? Trance Channeling? Sacred Origins of Money? Chakra Singing? Ear Candles? Hmmm. Not yet.

That said, I have certainly enjoyed the company of hippy/spiritual types. Can get into many interesting coversations that techy types don't readily engage in. Maybe I'll find myself a drumming circle...

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