Wednesday 19 November 2003

Science Museum: Lord Of The Rings Exhibition

cover Yesterday, Jenny and I went down to the Science Museum to see the Lord Of The Rings exhibition. Really enjoyed it. To make the film realistic, they tried to create strong cultures for each of the races and creating culture involves creating detail. The exhibition essentially shows you the incredible lengths that they went to create this cultural detail in the costumes, weapons, architecture, language, mythology, etc. There were also interesting demonstrations of how they created the illusion of character height differences and assembled the massive battles scenes. All in all, a very cool exhibition. Took us two and half hours to meander through it.

I do have one complaint though. The One Ring was on display but it didn't have any script on it! I think it was a fake. Obviously the real One Ring was allegedly destroyed but I suspect it's in a vault somewhere to prevent it falling into the wrong hands...

Truly, it is amazing what can be brought to life on the cinema screen nowadays. I'm looking forward to lots more epic films making their way to the screen. I saw a trailer the other day for a film called "Troy".

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