Sunday 22 February 2004

Murder Mystery Dinner

coverLast night we took part in a Murder Mystery dinner that friends of ours put together. Very good fun. We had taken part in one of these dinner games many years ago so we knew a bit of what to expect.

The "Champagne Murders" are set in the 60's at the manor of Lord Michael Jagged who's just been killed. There are 10 characters to be played. I was Brian Sewer - a sneering, rude and patronising wine critic. Not sure WHY I was given this character ... something about how easy I could play the part! I admit I did enjoy the freedom the character allowed :-)

Jenny played Kitty Killer - a famous journalist and biographer. She had a lot of fun getting all dressed up in the sixties style. Even managed to get her hair into something similiar to a beehive!

The success of the evening hinges on everyone getting into character and staying there. It's a very good laugh if you do. The game repeats this sequence three times between courses:

  • Each person reads more details about their character along with questions they should probe other characters with and facts about themselve they might want to evade. If asked directly however, you must reveal the information.
  • A few characters are given evidence they will reveal during the round.
  • The initial dialogue between characters is scripted.
  • As the evidence is revealed, each character starts questioning the other characters. You ad lib as much as you want.
  • At then end of the round, a tape is played of a detective who summarises the progress of the investigation.

At the beginning of the third round you find out whether you're the murderer and at the end everyone takes a guess who it is. I won't spoil it by telling you who the murder is in this game but only one person guessed correctly.

It's definitely a great way to spend an evening. Not your average dinner party. Thanks Jessica!


  1. my partner and I have been invited to a murder mystery night soon and we to are playing brian sewer who we have found out to be a art critic in real life only his 2nd name is sewell and kitty killer we are sure all the charactors in the game are famous in real life but with names slightly changed. I am tryig to find out who kitty could be any ideas?

  2. I'm quite sure you're right - Kitty Killer is probably a take on someone real - but we can't remember who. :-(

  3. kitty killer is pussy galore

  4. Kitty Killer is based on Kitty Kelly an American biographer.

  5. i am palying brian sewer but i am not sure who he is the take from

    any ideas