Sunday 8 February 2004

Oh No! Yu-Gi-Oh!

We've started to let R* use her own money and make her own purchase decisions. So in a bookstore yesterday she wanted to buy these Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Cards. Arrrgghhh! It's £2.50 for 9 silly game cards? I bit my lip hard and said "it's your money".

She was thrilled and bought them. My subsequent explanation of why they're a rip-off didn't dampen the excitement in the slightest. Of course, her friends also have these cards and so now she can participate in something her friends do. She says her friends just trade the cards and don't actually play the game.

I guess it's relatively cheap entertainment although I notice that to play the game requires a 46 card deck! On the bright side, playing the game requires practising subtraction and other numeracy skills. If she's going to collect them, I'll be learning a new game. It's Dungeons & Dragons all over again!


  1. The cards are very good for maths, and for fair and sporting play with others. my 6yr old son got into them so in a vain attempt to find him a club (which proved fruitless) I got myself qualified as a Yugioh judge, tournament organizer and started a club up myself!!

    Excellent game which although is initially hard to learn, will keep kids playing for the next 2 years at least!


  2. I've played the game quite a bit now and don't mind the children playing it. Both my children and I have our own decks. It's rather difficult for my six year old but I'd say it's good for eight and above. We don't use fusion monsters or field effects to keep things a bit simpler.

    The game is fine but I don't think much of the cartoon series. Guess it's no worse than the cartoons I grew up with though!

    Best of luck with the club.