Sunday 15 February 2004

Valentine's Day Salsa Dance

Last night we went for a local Valentine's Day Salsa Dance at a local community center. It was organised by the parents involved in the Berkshire Youth Musicians Trust. It started with merengue lessons for everyone. I mean absolutely everyone! No one was left sitting down and it was easy to follow and got people thinking "I can do this!". Then some social dancing and food followed by salsa lessons for everyone followed by more social dancing. During the lessons, everyone was made to switch partners every few minutes. There were also a few students along with the dance teacher to help get people dancing.

It was a very good format as you introduced yourselves to each other and everyone was largely starting at the same level. There were children of about 9 years dancing along with adults of 60+ years. That's a really big advantage with latin music. It doesn't seem so strongly delineated into generations as techno, drums & bass, house, disco, rock, rock 'n' roll. It has a very broad appeal.

Jenny and I haven't been dancing salsa for several months now but we remembered some of it. Really need to make an effort to get back into it. Definitely good exercise too!

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