Sunday 18 April 2004

R's First Real School Trip

R* came back today from her first real school trip. The whole Year Three class of about thirty kids spent three days in Essex. On the first day, they visited a hop farm and went on a dray ride. The even got to try a tiny bit of beer! Then an archeologist took them on a tour of the site of the Battle of Hastings including being shown where King Harold fell. The class then re-enacted the battle and R* got to be a Norman and kill a friend. They finished the visit touring Battle Abbey. In the evenings they slept in a dormintory - eight to a room.

The next day they visited Underwater World where R* says the walk-through tunnel is really cool and then on to Smugglers Adventure. Finally, they visited Hastings Castle. R* says she did a huge amount of walking - 10 times Legoland worth (great!). On the third day they visited Rudyard Kiplings house before driving home.

It sounds like she had lots of fun although I think the biggest thrill was spending her money in the gift shops. All children had a limit of £6. Still, I think trips like these are fantastic and it's such a great way to learn about history.

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