Friday 30 April 2004

Salmon Farming Troubles

which dye? Canthaxanthin or Astaxanthin?Been reading about salmon farming and it's certainly made me reconsider how often I'll eat salmon. About 99% of the salmon sold here in the UK is farmed. However, the industry has very serious problems: crowding, poop pollution, toxins, disease, antibiotics, dye, escaped species and local wildlife killed to protect the farm. Worse still, its aquaculture model is being repeated for other species.

You can read about these issues on the Salmon Farm Monitor website or there are various news articles around such as:

Or for the real dirt, read the In To Deep report by the Compassion In World Farming Trust.  It certainly leads me to question whether it's safe to eat any farmed fish. I mean the colour of farmed salmon comes from a dye! It needs to be either wild or at least farmed to organic standards. Indeed, eating fish can be an ethical nightmare.

If you're on the West Coast, you might be interested in Salmon Nation.

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