Wednesday 21 April 2004

Dog Rescue Volunteer Walking

Today R* and I went and walked a dog. Well children aren't allowed to take the lead so I guess I did the walking. To be truthful, I was dragged by a most determined dog for an hour and a half through a muddy forest!

As a compromise to R*'s unyielding campaign to own a dog, I found a place where we could walk someone else's dog. It turns out that The Dog Rescue And Welfare Society at Stokenchurch need volunteers to walk their dogs on Sundays and Wednesdays. Indeed we showed up at 11am and were soon handed a black setter named Missy who was gagging for a good run and sniff of absolutely everything. She was a lovely dog but I'm sure my right arm is now a good inch longer than my left.

It certainly guaranteed that all of us got a good bit of exercise. I may even do it again. I'm sure R* will want to do this every Sunday!

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