Sunday 18 April 2004

The Truth about the War with Iraq

I found this article to be an pretty interesting read. It looks at the relationship of America with the rest of the world and the problem of global democracy and world governance. It's particularly worth reading the section on "What of the future" which I would summarise as:

  • Expect the world-wide love-hate relationship with America to become even more polarised

  • Expect new generations of terrorists to exact “revenge” on America

  • Expect America to continue to feel deeply hurt, increasingly isolated and angry and acting unilaterally around the world wherever it feels national interests dictate

  • In contrast, expect almost the entire rest of the world to invest intensively in the UN as the sole vehicle for solving complex international issues

  • Expect the EU to forge ahead with renewed energy to create structures to balance US power economically and militarily. But the EU will be severely restrained by ongoing internal conflicts.

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