Monday 5 April 2004

In The Mood For Love (Kar Wai Wong, 2000)

cover YATCM or "Yet Another Tragic Chinese Movie". Just what is it with Chinese movies? By far, the majority of the one's I see are tragic tales. Maybe it's just Chinese art films but still it must say something about the culture.

The plot is simple. Two neighbours discover that their respective spouses are having an affair and are drawn together. Stylistically, the film is a feast. It's set in 1960's Hong Kong. It dark, hot, humid and cramped. The film is very slow. Minor expressions and eye glances are all important. The chongsams are wonderful. The mood is tantelizing.

But nothing much happens. The tension is huge but restraint wins the day and love is unfulfilled. If you're patient, it's a good film but it does leave you feeling rather unsatisfied. And I guess that's the whole point.

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