Friday 8 July 2005

London Bombs

We've had a number of emails checking to see whether we're ok so I just want to let everyone know we're fine. Thanks for the concern. Everyone we know is fine too but I'm horrified to say I heard a father of one of the children at a local school was killed.

The bombing was tragic and pointless if you ask me. What was it meant to achieve?

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  1. rebecca jane stratton14 July 2005 at 14:06

    hi iam very story about your lost one

    i have been to london but not on the trian

    some thing i go on the number 30 bus with my famliy

    from some who loves you so much you always be they for them if they need any thing love is so inporent at all time

    i what to say in the payer that you will neer for get your love ones and thier famliy today is the day that all people will be with you in the name of god

    take gvood care of the parnats uswill they if been though hull and back and they missed thier childreen to places and lay them to rest

    dear father god we look afthe kids and parnets and we will be loved around them forever and forver

    and you alays be they from his monment on we have to player for them in the god bile and be ok

    we all konw about the bombs went of in london