Tuesday 26 July 2005

Marvellous Festival 2005

Had an excellent time at the Marvellous Festival last Saturday.

First, we lucked out with the parking. As K* had a wheelchair, we got in early and parked in the backstage VIP area. Next, we scooped up prime real estate to unfold our garden chairs and lay down the picnic blankets: center stage near the mixing desk. Then our friends arrived and joined us picnicing while we waited for the concert to start. To top it off, the weather cleared up as the clouds made way for some clear sky. Perfect!

Cavern Beatles Voulez Vous

The first band was the Cavern Beatles and they did a good set. They weren't dynamic enough to rowse the audience to dance much but they had them singing along to plenty of favourites. When Voulez Vous (Abba cover band) started their set, plenty of people got up and started dancing. The energy level definitely shot up. The Counterfiet Stones carried the energy along with the best showmanship of the lot. I had R* on my shoulders some of the time and she really seemed to get into the atmosphere of the show. Finally, there was a fireworks display to the "Live And Let Die" theme.

The only drawback of the festival is that it's a major bottleneck to leave the park. We hung about after the concert finished and then joined the queue out. It didn't take us too long.

It's the best family friendly festival I know of and I'll be keen to go back next year if the lineup is good.


  1. Hi

    Can you tell me how many people go to the festival at Wellington, Reading per night


  2. Well, I'm not that good at estimating but it's not that big really. A few thousand maybe. It's comfortable. The only problem as I mentioned is the bottleneck getting out of the park. Last time we just relaxed for half-an-hour after the concert before joining the queue out and it didn't take too long.