Saturday 23 July 2005

Skool's Out 4 Sumer!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids. Here in the UK children get out much later than in North America but they get longer holidays at Easter. All the kids activities have ended as well. Yeeehaaa! No more school runs, taxi runs and hanging around waiting for lessons to end!! I'm free!!!! ....for six weeks at any rate.

I'm off for a few days to Barcelona with some mates next week, then it's to Turkey for a week of sailing and then some friends from Canada are coming over and we're off to the South of France for three weeks.

K* has a new light-weight synthetic cast on and he's hobbling about quite well. We had a major kerfuffle with Excel Airlines who are flying us to Turkey. They were refusing to allow K* on the aircraft unless his caste was split and the doctor was saying it shouldn't be split. Insurance wasn't about to cover any cancellation since it's not a medical problem but a failure of the airline. Meanwhile, British Airways and Turkish Airlines were willing to fly him but it was going to cost a packet. Well, Jenny eventually got a compromise with the doctor willing to split the cast just before we go, or if we don't split it, the airline willing to accept a letter from the doctor guaranteeing that his leg won't swell during the flight.

So we're taking K* sailing with a full leg cast on. It's a bit crazy but there you go. Hopefully, he will be out of the cast before we fly to France.

Meanwhile, if I hear the "I'm bored" whinge this summer, I'm going to assign housework tasks to the offender!

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