Sunday 20 July 2003

Art In Action

We spent the afternoon at Art In Action at Waterperry Gardens near Oxford. It's a large four day Arts Festival with over 300 artists and demonstrators showing their art. You can participate too trying out all kinds of things. I was very impressed with how well organised it was right down to small details. Excellent parking. Golf carts running between the parking and the entrance. Clear maps and lots of sign posts. Nothing too crowded. Excellent catering. Even water bowls for dogs. The organisers have it sussed. Jenny loves these kinds of events and was in her own. She finds it very inspiring. The artists are also very approachable and will talk about their work. Lots of beautiful work. Lots of expensive work! Not all was strictly visual arts either. There were musicians, singers and instrument makers too. Didn't come home with any new art pieces but we couldn't leave without some art supplies and the kids have some interesting cardboard cutout automata by Peter Markey to assemble.

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