Tuesday 15 July 2003

Dinghy Sailing 1 of 4

Today was day one of the four day course on dinghy sailing I'm taking (Jenny's birthday gift). It's at the Bisham Abbey Sailing School. First day went well enough. There's only three others in the class so it's cosy and friendly. It's blindingly hot to be on the river - 32C - and unfortunately, the wind is too light. We did some theory and our first sails on the river. Not as easy as I thought it would be. There's quite a lot to think about as you sail. We're sailing Toppers and you spend most of your time kneeling and crouching which isn't too comfortable! They can move though when a good breeze comes. Feels great. Hope we get some bad weather! Since there wasn't much wind late in the afternoon, we got to practice our capsize and recovery. Yep - had to sit in the boat and flip it so it's lying on it's side in the water and then flounder around to get it back up again and haul yourself back into the boat. The Thames ain't warm I tell you.

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