Sunday 20 July 2003

Bootleg Beatles

We went to the Marvellous In The Park festival at Wellington Park featuring the Bootleg Beatles on Saturday. It was very good. It was a bring-a-picnic affair so we arrived early and were pleased to find they had reserved the area in front of the stage for picnicer's without tables and chairs. We staked out a great spot near the front of the stage. The weather was great and a bar was nearby. There were also food stalls and a tiny fun fair. Kids had a good time playing around while we waited and an ex-colleague and his family joined us. By the way, some British obviously take picnicing very seriously with huge spreads and proper dishes, cutlery, table clothes, champagne, candles and vases with flowers in them!

The opening act was good: Peter and Hugh. The two guitarists covered a lot old pop rock tunes. The audience was obviously in a good mood with lots of singing along. The Bootleg Beatles were excellent and certainly looked the part. They covered three eras: Fab-Four, Sgt Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour and then post-Sgt Pepper dressing appropriately for each era. Film footage was used to introduce each era. They also had an eight piece orchestra backing them which allowed them to do each song really accurately. The crowd sang pretty well every song.

The evening ended with a big and noisy fireworks display done to the "Live and Let Die" theme. Excellent. The only hiccup was K* going potty and hyperactive and the traffic jam getting out of the park. I'd certainly recommend going to a Marvellous Festival.

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