Thursday 17 July 2003

Dinghy Sailing 2 & 3 of 4

Day two of the dinghy sailing course was frustrating. We got the bad weather but absolutely no wind. Did some theory and few practical things but minimal sailing. Today, day three, was completely different. We had a strong breeze and after the instructor demonstrated zooming around the river while hanging over the side of the dinghy, we were all rather nervous. We reefed the sails to make them smaller and set off. I was pretty smug at first as everyone else took turns capsizing but then it happened to me too. Arrgghh. Everything happens so fast and you have to concentrate on tons of things. Need to learn to really hang my butt off the side of the dinghy when the wind picks up. Amazingly the river felt warm today. I capsized again in the afternoon too. Still, it was a great day and I'm absolutely exhausted - sailing takes a lot of physical effort.

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