Saturday 12 July 2003

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Yesterday we drove down to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The event was good but the family outing was a bit of a disaster. It took three hours to drive there because there was a traffic jam through Petworth. Luckily we were listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so the kids suffered patiently.  It was very hot and sunny and the kids had to do a lot of walking as the event is spread over a huge area. All the cars were fantastic. Lots to see but the kids are much too young to enjoy them. Unfortunatley, the track was hard for them to see as we didn't get grandstand tickets. Couldn't even find a non-dairy ice cream for K*. It's really a festival for big boys. Even the airshow by the Red Arrows didn't really seem to impress. They might like these kinds of event more in a few years.

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