Monday 26 January 2004

Battlefield 1942

cover I recently bought a second-hand copy of Battlefield 1942 from Amazon UK (list was £30 but second hand it was £15). I thought I'd give it a try after finding out how popular it was as a LAN Party game. I'm not big on First Person Shooters (FPS) as a genre; rarely played them until Halo came along. And I'm crap at Halo. I prefer real-time strategy (RTS) games. In an RTS, you essentially play god while in FPS, you're just a foot soldier. Maybe this implies something about one's personality....

Unfortunately my P4 1.6a is choking quite badly and I've had to configure the game for a very low-end computer to get a smoothish response. The game isn't known for its graphics and at this setting it's quite mediocre. It's getting close to machine upgrade time!

Nevertheless, Battlefield 1942 is pretty good. Very easy to learn. What's makes the game fun is that it's very open-ended with lots of weapons and vehicles to use. You can steer an aircraft carrier, place explosives and lay mines, drive tanks, fly bombers or fighters, etc. Very cool. I can see this being pretty fun in a multiplayer setting. There is a huge community behind the game putting out different mods. If I can get a bit better, I might try out a public game server to see what it's like.

Addendum (28/1/2004) : Installed patch 1.5 and performance is much much better.

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