Friday 5 March 2004

Blogging Changes Afoot

My first blog post was made 17 March 2003 - almost one year ago. I've enjoyed it and concentrated mostly on putting up content and making it a habit. I'm going to carry on blogging but now is a good time to implement a bunch of changes:

  • I've created a new domain to which I'm moving the "Software Adventures" blog. This will become my professional/career site and will be aimed at fellow geeks, technical colleagues, potential employers and customers. I'll annouce the URL once it's all ready.

  • I'm migrating this site to use the .Text blogging software so the look and functions will change quite a lot. It's based on .Net which will allow me to modify the site easier. I'll also be able to blog while I'm travelling.

  • I'll be creating more categories on this site but every entry will be displayed on the frontpage so you won't need to bother clicking on any particular category. Just read the front page and only bother with categories if you want to read certain kinds of past entries.

I plan to make these changes in the next couple of weeks so I don't have to renew my Radio Userland license. If your links or RSS feed breaks, you'll know why.

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