Tuesday 30 March 2004

Pet Peeve: Inconsistent Wiper and Indicator Controls on Cars

I've got a problem. We have two cars. On one car the wiper control is on the right and the indicator control is on the left. But on the other car, it's reversed. The result is that I frequently use my wipers to indicate that I'm turning (always embarassing). Or I signal a turn when it begins to rain. I'm not stupid and I can't be the only one that drives two cars with these controls in inconsistent places. One car is German while the other car is Japanese. I'm going to embark on a quest to find out where each manufacturer places these controls. Please add a comment for your country and car. Maybe there's a minority of manufacturers that can be petitioned to change!


  1. Mitsibushi SpaceWagon: wiper on left

    Porsche 911: wiper on right

    Mazda 323: wiper on left

  2. I have noticed this phenomena a while ago, having gone through a few cars.

    It is hard to remember something like this though.

    But dragging through my memory... this is what I think they are.

    Merc 230E (UK, 1990) - Right

    Mini L (Australia - 1972 model) - Left

    Honda Civic (in Australia, 1984) - Left

    Toyota Camry (Aust, 2000) - Left

    Golf GL (UK, 1985) - Right

    SAAB 900 Convertible (UK, 1995) - Left

    If there was a trend, I did notice that the indicator stalk on the right is usually in cars born as Left Hand Drive cars (European) and later modified for RHS. Maybe?

    That is my 2 cents worth!

  3. VW Golf - Indicators are on the left, wipers on the right!