Saturday 20 March 2004

Jurassic Movies

We just finished watching Jurassic Park with the kids. It's great going through all the decades of movies and sharing them with the kids. There's just so many movies to watch! It's quite hard figuring out what the canonical movies are. What's worth watching? What do you consider the seminal movies of our culture? It's the modern version of story-telling and many movies have added certain phrases and images to Western culture. They've captured a time or place or idea. Wizard Of Oz. Gone With The Wind. Casablanca.  2001. Star Wars. etc.

An excellent question R* asked was "Why are there more boys in movies than girls"? Yep, it's true more or less. Especially with action films. The girl is token. The hero is a man. There are exceptions but the fact is that they ARE exceptions. It has got better over the last decade or so. Now I'm looking for great movies with strong female characters.

Aliens? Not yet! Tomb Raider? Not yet either! Mulan was good. Thelma and Louise? I don't think so. It's gonna be a tough search.


  1. We rented "Whale Rider" for R* to watch. I have a review of it elsewhere on this website. But it's a good story of a 12 year-old following her dreams despite adversity.

  2. quiero ver videos de la pelicula jurassicpark3