Monday 22 March 2004

Legoland's New Roller Coaster

We got a letter from Legoland a couple of weeks ago annoucing their opening and a new ride called the Jungle Roller Coaster.  K* has been talking about it ever since. He couldn't wait to see this new roller coaster.  It opened last Friday but it's was pouring with rain so we didn't go. He was hugely disappointed. So today we went and the only thing on his mind was to see the new Jungle Rollacoaster.

We finally got there but he refused to go on any roller coaster what-so-ever. We finally dragged him onto the smallest one but that was his only concession despite the amount we cajoled him. He wouldn't go on the other small one and there's no way he would have tried the Jungle Roller-Coaster which is much bigger. He's tall enough now but not willing.

It's a bit suprising given that he now likes waterslides and some other fast rides but we've hit his limit. Of course they must look pretty scarey to a five year old.  Maybe he'll warm up to it later this year but it doesn't look like we're ready for Disneyland.


  1. We went back to Legoland last Wednesday. I took K* earlier and then Jenny brought R* after school. K* and I spent most of our time (as usual) in the Build and Test area. That's where you build a lego car and race them down a slope. I think I've found the fastest car design possible now!

    R* and I went on the new roller coaster three times. Good to be reminded of that horrible feeling you get in your stomach as you race down the first big drop. It's only the first drop that is really any good. Good fun though. R* is at the age where she wants to start going on big theme park rides.

  2. it is really goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood fun