Thursday 26 June 2003

Dance Lessons #1

As part of getting back to dancing, I've been wanting to have refresher lessons of all the modern and latin ballroom stuff we used to know. Today we had our first private lesson with Suzanne Lear at a local church hall. She's a dance teacher I found through the Internet like everything else I find. The handy thing is that we can take R* and K* with us rather than find babysitting. We kind of hope that by watching us, they might get interested in dancing.

The lesson went well. We showed her some of what we remembered (embarrasing how little) and then proceeded to work on Social Foxtrot, Quickstep and Slow Foxtrot. The body remembers better than the mind. A lot of "Oh yeah! We've done that before!". Don't think it will take too long to get a lot of it back.

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