Sunday 29 June 2003

Summer Fayre

Today we went to R*'s Schools' Summer Fayre. (yes, takes a while to get used to them spelling it fayre rather than fair just like tire is tyre here). The kids loved it. We gave them some money and they ran off and spent it on all the little amusements - donkey ride, tambola, bouncy castle, etc. We spent most of our time picking over the second hand toys and books. Jenny did a shift manning the toy tables and selling items. There was a huge amount of stuff and all of it going for a song. We used this event ourselves to clear out a whole lot of old toys that the kids had outgrown. Jenny was rather distressed at how cheap it was sold for given that we had paid full retail for most of it. Even then, much of it didn't get sold and we left it to get hauled away for free to a charity shop. In the UK, it's definitely the cheapest way to pick up toys for young children.

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