Tuesday 10 June 2003

Polo Lessons

I had polo lessons yesterday at the Ascot Park Polo Club. Very cool. I was lucky to join a Microsoft jolly with my old team (thanks guys!). There were two groups of eight. Our group started on a field armed with polo sticks, a ball and divided into two teams of four. We were then given an idea of the rules of the game and ran about whacking the ball (err sorry about your jaw, Ken). Hey, not too different from hockey! Next we had to stand on crates learning how to whack the ball properly using four different strokes. And finally, the eight of us were put onto horses and got to ride around an enclosed arena trying to whack the ball and ride at the same time. It wasn't hockey! I was mortally afraid of whacking my horse (Suzy) and fearing how she might display her displeasure. Note I've only ridden a horse once before this. I found trotting difficult as my balance seemed very fragile. Luckily, these horses are trained *not* to gallop as that would surely had made me fall. Anyway, it was excellent fun. Wouldn't mind more horse riding lessons.

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