Tuesday 17 June 2003

Horse Riding Lesson #1

Jenny and I had our first horse riding lesson this morning. Went well. Of course, we started with basics and just managed to try the rising trot at the end. The sitting trot is not fun as you essentially just have to relax and absorb all the bouncing in the lower half of your body. You're at a definite disadvantage if you happen to have testicles; no wonder more women seem to be into horses! Tight underwear is definitely a good idea. The rising trot is better but is obviously going to require a lot of work from the thigh muscles. So for women, horse riding might be good for their sex life but for men, it's probably a form of contraception.

My horse was Mulberry and Mulberry, according to Judy my trainer, was in a bit of a strop. Not too good for one's confidence getting on a large animal with emotional problems but she seemed well behaved enough. She only tried to bite Judy once. Meanwhile, I learned there are multiple styles of horse control. Polo horses are taught much differently from classic style so what I learned at Ascot last week wasn't applicable. Horses in Australia and the Western USA are taught Western style which is closer to Polo than to classic style. This is all relevant if we ever do a horse riding holiday. Next lesson is Friday.

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