Tuesday 15 December 2009

Back to B.C.

As soon as school ended we went back to Victoria and Vancouver for a month to visit family and friends.

As usual, we start in Victoria where my parents live. We had discussed with the kids what they wanted to do some months before and had come to our goal of going on a "real" fishing trip. By real, it meant catching big wild fish from a boat.

After some research and calling a few friends, we eventually arranged to go out on an old 39' trawler owned by a friend of mine from high school. The boat was harboured in Port Renfrew and luckily there was a good salmon run going on while we were there.

All together, we caught 10 Pink salmon and a 20lb Spring. We also caught a crab in a crab trap and even spotted a pod of orcas. It was a great day out. Ended up giving a lot of the fish away as there was too much for us to eat.

It's always great to catch-up with all the people we know and the time went quickly. Spent an afternoon up at Grouse Mountain and another one at the beach on the Spanish Banks.

We did a side trip down to Seattle visiting friends living there. Visited the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum which was really good. Particularly liked seeing the old Star Trek props and the display of guitars.

The big family event of the trip was my cousin's wedding. Tanya married her girlfriend Jennifer. It wasn't without some family controversy but I absolutely support same sex weddings. It was a lovely event and it all went smoothly. It does take a little while to get used to the phrase "her wife".

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