Saturday 19 December 2009

A Weekend in Prague

In September me and a couple of mates went to Prague for a weekend. In general, we try to find a short-haul destination that’s got something interesting to see or do during the day and has great bars and nightlife in the evening.

Unfortunately for me, that weekend I was still getting over some random bug I had caught from the kids so I drugged myself up and persevered.

We got there flying Easyjet out of Gatwick and stayed in the Hotel Orion which I booked via Turned out to be a great hotel choice. We had a huge two bedroom suite with a kitchen on the ground floor for only £62/night for all three of us. It was very clean and well furnished.

There’s a couple of bars near the hotel but not many places to eat. It’s a quiet area. However the Namesti Miru metro stop is only a few short blocks away. Various trams stop there too so it’s very easy to get around. We bought a three day pass so we could just jump on and off trams, buses and the metro as we wandered the city. The biggest drawback is you need to grab a taxi to get home late at night or you have a long walk. If you’re going, I would recommend staying near a metro but outside the pricey Old Town quarter.

Overall, Prague is picturesque but it’s totally overrun by tourists with shops and businesses trying to extract tourist dollars. I wouldn’t recommend going and have no wish to go back. With the help of my Time Out guide, we did find several nice bars and restaurants quite easily so it’s a decent place to go for a drinking kind of weekend. The pilsner is excellent and cheap. And to me, the Czechs seem to have great taste in music.

If you’re a culture buff, there’s plenty of architecture and history if you want to discover it but, frankly, how much Czech history do you want to know? I found the modern history interesting but didn’t care much about the earlier stuff.

If you’re thinking of going to Prague, I would at least suggest you try and fit in an excursion to a nearby town which has will have much fewer tourists. A weekend is plenty of time for just Prague. Or reconsider and go somewhere more interesting like Munich or Berlin.

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