Tuesday 15 December 2009

Blur in Hyde Park

There's not a lot of bands for whom I would pay top dollar to see live in concert but Blur is one of them. I was dead pleased that I managed to get tickets. So on a nice warm sunny day in July, I took Jenny, Robyn and her friend so go see them.
I would say this is the first big concert to which we have every taken Robyn. She and her friend left us and went up near the front of the stage where you tend to get squashed. It thoroughly worried Jenny but that's what Moms do.
It was a brilliant concert. Wish I had known the lyrics better as much of it was a big sing-a-long. I only regret that they didn't play "Magic America" which is one of my favorites.
One "game" the crowd played was pelting anyone that sat on someone's shoulders with plastic beer bottles. Certainly kept the view of the stage clear!

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