Tuesday 22 December 2009

Squash and Salsa

Two new activities I’ve taken up the last few months.

First, a friend introduced me to the game of squash as I had never played before. I really enjoyed it and am now playing fairly regularly against my cousin, niece and her boyfriend – only about twice each month. Would like to play more often and get better as I’m pretty crap. Worse, I find I hurt for a few days after each game even though I’ve been exercising. It’s a good workout, a fun social activity and a much better game than badminton or tennis.

Jenny and I started going to Salsa lessons having complete one six week course and planning on doing more next year. We decided that the kids are finally old enough to be left on their own for a couple of hours giving us a chance to go out in the evening. We did a lot of ballroom dancing before we had kids so it’s nice to get back to doing some kind of dancing together.

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