Sunday 20 December 2009

Lose Weight and Get Fit

In September I decided I needed to lose some weight as I hit numbers on the weigh scale that I’ve never seen before! And I was finding that I would get puffed out much too soon doing physical activities. Not good.

So I began a new diet and exercise regime.

It had to be simple to keep it sustainable and it’s pretty obvious what to do: less bad stuff, more good stuff. For a diet, it means avoid sugar and empty carbs while eating more veg and complex carbs. Essentially a low GI diet. I don’t like systems of complete denial but the balance and proportions have to decisively change.

I have also started a regular exercise regime which is also simple: 30 minutes of exercise every other day. I don’t like the overhead or expense of going to a gym. All I do is go for a run and then come home and do some more exercises. These usually include skipping, crunches, lunges and push-ups. I sometime vary it up with others like tricep dips. I like just using bodyweight exercises as it keeps the routine uncomplicated and portable but I wouldn’t mind adding dumbbell exercises or a rowing machine would be great.

Found this nice iPhone app called iFitness I’ve been using.

How effective has it been?

I’ve been at this now for over three months. I lost 6kg in the first three months and am now fluctuating +/- 1 kg around a constant weight this last month. I’m definitely feeling a lot more fit. Overall, I’m pretty pleased but suspect I’ll need to increase my exercise time and intensity to make further progress. I’m looking for more activities too.

It’s hard keeping to the diet during Christmas. Mince pies! Shortbread! Aaahh!. And the weather is making it hard to keep my running up. The sidewalk is covered in snow and ice today. Nevertheless, “lose weight and get fit” will be my New Years resolution as I need to be ski fit for a holiday in March.

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